A division of Gretchen’s Vapothecary, a maker of premium quality, artisan crafted e-liquid serums designed for use in your electronic nicotine device.

Superior quality, cloud busting e-liquid – at house rate prices.

Gypsy Ejuice captures flavors of exotic finds from travels across the tropics as well as traditional dutch oven style deserts from the gypsy trail.

I am beyond pleased with the quality. From the great packaging all the way up the the amazing flavours. This juice is by far the best juice out there that I have tasted. I would recommend this juice to everyone looking for a premium high quality juice to take their vaping to the next step. I am proud to say I will be soon stocking this juice in my shop and in my own personal stash!!! If your looking for amazing flavours with high quality and a cut above the rest... This juice is it!!

Brent Wagner

Gretchen's Juice is awesome, every time I enjoy her liquids I feel like I am sticking it to the man!


Finally juices with flavor!


I started vaping 6 months ago and could not find juice I liked that fit my budget. Thanks to Gretchen's tasty vapes not only am I able to afford vaping premium juice, but I have also lowered my nicotine level down from 18 to 8 in just six months. By this time next year I should be down to a 0 level nicotine, and free from this addiction!